Mistress Scarlet In Latex

Main Dungeon

There is a main traditional dungeon chamber on the ground floor furnished with equipment by Fetters and Dungeon Pleasures.

Firstly there is the Rack comprising of a puppy cage, overhead gantries, gynaecological stirrups, a stretching winch and 6 sturdy leather body straps, a particularly wonderful piece of equipment.

Then there is an all leather padded whipping/ sodomy bench with leather straps for the arms and legs and a shaped back pad to secure and also to protect the kidneys.

My bondage chair is again padded leather with straps to secure the torso, arms, thighs and ankles. A centrepiece can be removed from the seat to enable full access to between vulnerable slaves legs. Cleverly, underneath the chair sits a watersports tray with an opening for the lucky slave’s head to lie underneath his Mistress.

There is also a Gynaecological Table/Chair with padded leather seat, back and headrest and stirrups, to position the patient perfectly for intimate and internal examination. A head strap, chest & waist straps, and two thigh straps render the patient totally immobile whilst undergoing examination and a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs ensure that the most unruly patient stays firmly in position when rigorous medical attention is required

Finally, there is the traditional St Andrews Cross with arm, torso and ankle straps.

Suspension Room

On the lower level is the Suspension chamber containing a 5 rope suspension frame, again from Fetters. This allows a full-length horizontal suspension as well as upright and inverted suspension.

Around the walls are various pieces of suspension equipment, all by Fetters. There is a leather sling, padded leather suspension cuffs for both wrists and ankles, a suspension body harness, leather straightjacket, arm binders and leg sack, various suspension bars for different vertical and horizontal suspensions and a leather and canvas body bag with suspension points.

As you may be able to tell, I adore bondage and suspension!

School Room

At the opposite end on the lower level is the schoolroom with a traditional teacher’s desk and school pupil desk and chair. There is a padded leather spanking horse as well as a couple of leather chairs, comfortable enough for prolonged OTK sessions.

Various intimidating traditional Corporal Punishment implements hang around the walls.

Wet Room

Also, downstairs is located Scotland’s first, and only, purpose-built white wet room. This room is tiled entirely in white with strategically placed anchor points located around the walls and floor and has several optical mood lighting options.

Play in this room can range from the clean sterile medical environment through to dirty extensive water sports and toilet slave scenarios. A complete hydro sensory surrounding. Of course, this is also where you can refresh yourself after our session.

Deprivation Cell

Hidden behind a door with a viewing hatch is the deprivation cell with iron cage door, perfect for locking a slave in for extended periods of time. Also on the walls are anchor points to shackle a slave to when they need time on their own to reflect on what I have planned for them next.

Equipment and Toys

In addition to the main dungeon furniture, there are various leather and rubber hoods, gags, blindfolds, floggers, canes, paddles, straps, tawses, electrics, clamps, cuffs, collars, butt plugs, and all manner of wonderful implements for inflicting pain and pleasure, too numerous to mention.

I am continually investing in new equipment, if there is something you are particularly interested in, just ask, the chances are that I will have it.

This is MY dungeon and, I must stress, this is NOT a studio premises. There will not be any other clients on the premises at the same time as you, therefore we are free to move between chambers if required.

Furniture and implements are always thoroughly cleaned after a session. There is also an autoclave on the premises to ensure thorough sterilization of smaller implements and insertable toys.