About Me

Mistress Scarlet Head Shot

I am a highly experienced and respected Dominatrix and Disciplinarian, and I have been operating from my own studio in Glasgow, Scotland, since 1st November 2006. Prior to opening my own studio I also worked for a couple of years part-time, and then full-time, from commercial dungeons.

I was born and raised in Glasgow and it was during my time at university that my first serious encounters in BDSM and spanking occurred, playing with partners and reading anything that I could find. After my studies, I moved to London getting my first ‘proper’ job as a software engineer and I stayed there for several years. It was a well paid and exciting career in a very male-dominated industry. This is the time that my serious exploration in Domination and Discipline developed, and I became a familiar face at London’s fetish clubs and parties.

Eventually, I moved into contract work and that led me back to Glasgow.  It was there that I was invited to session part-time at a commercial studio and was my first experience of profession domination. It was when, seven months later, that the company closed the Glasgow office, and I was made redundant, that I decided to make the career shift. I knew by then that, not only did I enjoy the professional side of domination, but also that I was damn good at it. It was probably the best decision that I have ever made. I adore and excel at being a Professional Dominatrix.

I have always been a very active person, enjoying running and the outdoors and I grew up as an equestrian with a love for ponies and horses. Nowadays I choose Crossfit for keeping fit and looking after this body.

Fun fact: my aunt is also a Dominatrix!