Mistress Scarlet is a Professional Dominatrix based in Glasgow, Scotland. Mistress is availible for appointments Monday to Friday only and can be contacted by clicking the contact button in the menu bar above or by telephoning 07765 515158, witheld numbers and texts will be ignored.



Many dominant women can recall events in their childhood that with hindsight are obviously their first indications of dominance. I am no different and vividly remember the thrill and enjoyment I gained from my earliest unconscious BDSM explorations.

It was during my time at University that my first serious encounters in BDSM occurred and I knew then that I had to have more. The day after I completed my studies I moved to London, looking for more, much more. I got my first 'proper' job working for a major bank in the city. I stayed there for several years, it was a well paid and exciting career in a very male dominated industry. This is the time that my serious interest in Domination developed, I worked hard but I certainly partied harder, and I became a very familiar face at London's fetish clubs and private play parties.

Eventually I knew I had to move on and I wanted to travel more, so I started doing contract work. I would work for a while, and then travel for a while, and sometimes I combined the two. I worked for a year in South Korea, which although it is the country, I believe, with the most beautiful women in the world, I unfortunately could not find a single kinky thing there (and believe me I tried).

So how did I eventually become a professional Dominatrix? On one of my many returns to Glasgow I met a pro Domme that invited me to session in her dungeon. Initially I dismissed the idea, I had no intention of mixing my private life with a professional one, but I was asked again and, after serious consideration, this time I decided that I wanted to see if I could. I found that of course I could, in fact in some ways it was even more exciting and challenging, and I discovered just how well I could adapt to an individuals needs whilst continuing to feed my own.

Mistress Scarlet