Coiled Serpent

The Coiled Serpent is a devious and severe whip for when your submissive deserves a crack they won't soon forget.

Designed to inflict an intense stinging pain, this handy quirt whip is made of thick, sturdy calfskin leather braided into a flexible rod with 2 hard, flat teeth at the end. The end of the whip is folded into a handy loop for easy grip and storage. The base of the whip is an attractive black leather with accents on the handle and teeth made of rich tan leather. This naughty whip makes a nice slapping sound upon impact and is a perfect size for easy handling and use.

Product Details

• Total Length: 39.5in (100.3cm)

• Loop Length: 8in (20.3cm)

• Teeth Length: 7in (17.7cm)

Estimated Cost: 
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