Heavy Duty Leather Hood

This Heavy Duty Leather Hood is great for sensory deprivation and heavy duty BDSM play. Our designers thought of everything when they made this hood!

*Please note: This item does not have eye holes.

There are four thick lockable leather straps that tighten across the hood:

• One strap wraps across the eyes.

• The second strap wraps from the top of the back of the head to underneath the chin.

• The third wraps around the mouth in front of a riveted ¾" breathing hole, with perforated leather exposing the hole.

• The fourth strap wraps around the neck and acts as a collar.

This hood features padding on either side of the face over the eyes, ears and mouth region for some sound deprivation and cushion against impact. There is a D-ring at the front of the collar strap and at the crown of the head for safe immobilizing head bondage. TAnd there is a lace-up closure with an extra wide flap to prevent hair tangles.

Estimated Cost: 
One Size
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