Naughty School boy Mark

I thoroughly enjoy playing with Mark, our sessions have elements of two of my favourite activities, role play and severe corporal punishment. Mark is forced to wear shorts to school, which is obviously very embarrassing for a boy of his age and, unsurprisingly, the girls laugh and tease him about it. When Mark gets into trouble it is not just his hands that will feel the full force of the Head teachers Lochgelly tawse, it will also be the fronts, the backs and the very tender insides of his thighs of his long bare legs. Finally, Mark is humiliated further by being told to remove his underwear whilst the teacher is out of the room, and when she returns he is instructed to lower his shorts and bend over the desk to receive 24 strokes of the thick senior cane across his bare backside.

The session beings and ends with a sympathetic teacher, or the head girl, who is obviously surprised that he is still wearing shorts to school. She prepares Mark for his punishment, discussing his misdemeanours and talking him through his likely punishment. She show the positions he will need to take to receive the tawse, his leg up on the desk for the fronts of his thighs, sitting open legged on the chair for the insides and lying right across the desk when getting the backs punished. She shows him the instruments of torture to be used on his poor hands, legs and bottom before leaving him outside the door to wait on the footsteps of the head teacher. She returns after Mark has received his punishment to view the marks and ask some questions, as well as sympathise how he must now walk home with the evidence of the punishment on display.


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I like the look of this scenario schoolboy"/strict headmistress fantasy but I'm more of otk spanking rather than the tawse .

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