Emily, my adoring and devoted maid

Emily has been my maid for many years. She attends to my dungeon and keeps it clean, does the washing and ironing and ensures that everything is kept stocked up. We frequently go out for dinner and to the theatre together. Emily is keen on the arts and is eager to teach me, whilst in return I teach her the art of discipline. Another art Emily has been introduced to recently is tattooing, and now proudly shows her devotion to her Mistress with a tattoo of a Scarlet Mormon butterfly on the top of her back, in my favourite colours of red and black. Below is Emily's account on our first meeting.

My life was at a very low point. I was not coping. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue living. Suicide was a possibility. 
I did something I'd never done before. I browsed the internet for 'Mistresses'. The first one which offered a phone number to call was Mistress Scarlet's. Her voice was firm but encouraging, her questions were sensible and to the point, her attitude was positive and non-judgmental, and her invitation... no, her instruction... to me to come to see her the next afternoon was life-changing. Within the few minutes of that conversation, I felt a surge of relief, and I came alive. I was going to be all right.. and at last I had something to focus on. I had taken the first step.
Next day, dressed in feminine jeans and top, I arrived very nervous, rang the bell, didn't run away, and was admitted by a woman who took me to a waiting room, as 'Mistress is with another slave'. I waited alone for 10 minutes, and the door opened. An unbelievable vision walked slowly in, tall, elegant, dressed from neck to ankle in tight red pvc, wearing very high red heels, and show-stoppingly beautiful. This was Mistress Scarlet. She took my breath away. We talked for at least half an hour. She could not have been more considerate and understanding. She gave the impression she was genuinely interested in solving my problems, and never gave me the feeling that she was in any hurry... she would stay and talk with me as long as necessary. The first session was arranged for two days later.
That was nearly 7 years ago. My life has been transformed. Not only am I content, I am relaxed and happy, knowing that I have a safe and fulfilling life, with this delightful, thoughtful, caring, skilled and hugely attractive lady to help me along. I hope very much that I can be some small help to her in return. I am so indebted to her.
Anyone who is in need of serious help from a Professional Dominatrix, should take the first step, and phone Mistress Scarlet. She is the Goddess of her profession
From your adoring and devoted maid


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I am of the same mind and can relate to this but I have a lovely girlfriend and my problem is after nearly 4 years together it seems she is no longer interested in my fetish I have often thought about booking a session with mistress scarlet but don't know how my girlfriend will feel about that I don't want to split up with my girlfriend because the other aspects of our relationship is great but I just want their to play more roleplaying .

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