Naughty School boy Mark

I thoroughly enjoy playing with Mark, our sessions have elements of two of my favourite activities, role play and severe corporal punishment. Mark is forced to wear shorts to school, which is obviously very embarrassing for a boy of his age and, unsurprisingly, the girls laugh and tease him about it. When Mark gets into trouble it is not just his hands that will feel the full force of the Head teachers Lochgelly tawse, it will also be the fronts, the backs and the very tender insides of his thighs of his long bare legs.

Mistress Scarlet Review

Description: Tall (must be over 6 ft in heels), long red hair, gorgeous figure.
Comments: I consider myself an experienced slave having been punished & humiliated by mistresses all over the UK as well as abroad. I have found over the years that I have continually looked for the perfect mistress & so I have seen mistresses in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam. & Marbella as well as London, Manchester, etc. About 18 months ago my search ended – I eventually found the perfect mistress & guess where? The answer is on my own doorstep!.....

Golden Dave - Toilet Slave

Golden Dave is one of my toilet slaves. I throughly enjoy watersports, so much so that I had my custom build white wet room installed. For this toilet slave I chain his hands to the rings that have been fixed to the floor, place my toilet seat over his head and leave him alone to wait for the sound of my footsteps coming to use his mouth as my toilet. Below is what he has to say :-

I report for duty ready to be used.