Emily, my adoring and devoted maid

Emily has been my maid for many years. She attends to my dungeon and keeps it clean, does the washing and ironing and ensures that everything is kept stocked up. We frequently go out for dinner and to the theatre together. Emily is keen on the arts and is eager to teach me, whilst in return I teach her the art of discipline. Another art Emily has been introduced to recently is tattooing, and now proudly shows her devotion to her Mistress with a tattoo of a Scarlet Mormon butterfly on the top of her back, in my favourite colours of red and black.

John, my longest serving slave

John is my oldest slave, eleven and a half year and counting. I was a new and relatively inexperienced Dominatrix when we first met and we clicked straight away. John loves bondage and I love bondage. John loves electrics and I love electrics. John love torture and I love to torture. John loves to dress in high heels, stockings, corsets and PVC and, guess what, I love to dress in high heels, stockings, corsets and PVC. We feel we have been on a long and exciting journey together over the years, I know he trusts me explicitly, just as I trust him.

Johnnie the Pantie Thief

Johnnie is one of my oldest slaves, this year Johnnie took me out for dinner to celebrate our 11th anniversary. I celebrated with a glass of champagne but, of course, Johnnie had to make do with a warm glass of my own personal champagne. We usually play in my dungeon but on several occasions over the years we have met in public, sometimes in a restaurant or bar but have also gone clothes and shoe shopping together. Public play can be very exciting and requires keeping the fine line between satisfactorily humiliating your slave but not being offensive.