Money Pigs Make the World Go Round

I returned from my holiday to several packages awaiting me. Women love to receive gifts and this woman is no different. I knew the packages were my boots from George, a slave that I have known since 2005 and is currently working in Australia.

Since we cannot play together George suggested a competition we could have to amuse me, the Battle of the Sexes, which would be a way to prove my female superiority. Some suggestions were:

Nettle play and urtication

Urtication is the process of deliberately stinging a person with nettles as a medical treatment, rather like rubbing on some "deep heat". Of course, the sensation can also induce an erotic effect for those who are interested in pain. I have used stinging nettles a few times in the past with some wonderful results. Like administering deep heat, stinging nettles are not a sensation that will stop when I stop, it can go on and on, getting more and more intense.