The Lochgelly Tawse

I received a heavy Lochgelly tawse as a present a long time ago and I cherish it. It is kept in its own special case, the act of having to fetch and open the case helps to build up the thrill and expectation of what is in store for the receiver. The Lochgelly has history, many of my slaves have experienced it as corporal punishment when they were at school, and it survives to still conjure up the memories, both good and bad. I have heard several stories of sadistic teachers and their love for the John J Dick strap.

Rubber Bondage Bed

If you like rubber and you enjoy bondage then you must experience my rubber vacuum bed. You are placed inside the rubber envelope with only your genitals, and if you choose, your head exposed. A rubber hood or gas mask can be an added sensation or a sensory deprivation. Also your head can be fully enclosed inside with just a rubber tube to facilitate breathing. The rubber bed is a bondage and a full on sensation device, where you may be unable to see or speak and are only able to wiggle a little with the rubber suctioning you in place.

Hanging Out

Yesterday I enjoyed performing suspension bondage with a slave in my purple bondage chamber. He had requested inverted suspension bondage and I was very happy to accommodate that request. Being suspended off the ground when in bondage adds that extra element of vulnerability and inescapably that can add that extra kick to a bondage session. The slave can have a feeling of helplessness and of objectification, they are merely an object for my amusement swinging in the air.