The Boss

When I worked in a corporate job I used to imagine doing this to some of the arrogant, sexist bosses that I came across. In the scenario with this slave he had been a bit too arrogant and sexist to his poor long suffering secretary. When she discovered some inappropriate material on his computer that would get him sacked, she decided to do something about it. Her horrible boss had used to make her clean the toilets to humiliate her, so she got her own back, and she really got quite carried away while watching her boss be humiliated and degraded.

Golden Dave's Ice Lollies

Golden Dave, my toilet salve, visited recently and I ensured that my close friend Patsy was available to join us. Golden Dave was going to be used to his fullest today. Slave brought a magazine for me to read in between our visits to him whilst we drank large glasses of water and laughed about my slave tied up in my wet room waiting for us. Golden Dave had also brought ice lolly moulds, and I was happy to fill it up at the end for him to carefully take home with him. Slave dutifully sent photos of the moulds placed in his freezer chilling the golden nectar and of the results.