Nipple Torture

I acquired some new nipple toys, fantastic suction cups that do not require any pumping, I simply turn the screw to make the nipples stand right out. They will be particularly good for pierced nipples as the cups can fit around the piercing. I tried them out on slave ken, who particularly loves to have his nipples tortured, the heavier the better. I had slave downstairs in the suspension room, arms above his head and the spreader bar on, with his balls tied tightly to the bar. And then I went to town on his nipples until I had him begging for mercy.


Figging is one of those little niceties, although probably one of the lesser known of BDSM erotic techniques. It is either something you love or you hate but which ever it is, there is potential in any new experience, so until you have tried it, don't knock it.

"Figging"or the erotic use of ginger root, can be the most interesting and enjoyable pastime once the initial preparations have been completed. The method is little known, little used outside of the BDSM lifestyle.