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There are degrees to anything and everything for example the degrees of color, the degrees of quality and the degrees of excellence. I've ended my last review by saying that Mistress Scarlet defines the meaning discipline so I'm picking up from there because now I feel immersed in the discipline role plays and sessions and so on but at the same time still fantasizing about having a discipline session with the Mistress in her dungeon in Scotland at her REAL presence

Now let me take you on this journey so before the start of the session I've contacted Mistress around 2-3 months prior to our new session because I wanted to know when I will be able to present my naughty bottom to get punished. so we've kept exchanging emails from time to time knowing that I'm getting closer and closer and closer and Mistress is still assuring that I will get a severe punishment

Days , weeks and months passed but Mistress have finally arrived in UAE but according to Mistress schedule she was going to stay in Abudhabi then come to DUBAI ( where my session is going to be held ) so as our mini tradition when Mistress reaches UAE upon mutual agreement we stop exchanging emails and move our pre session role play to whatsapp , so now I'm starting to count the moments till my session and at the same time being naughty on whatsapp and Mistress is stating to me that I'm getting more and more punishment - before a day of the session we stepped up the game a little to let it reach twitter now when Mistress promised on twitter that there is a certain naughty boy coming to taste her lochgelly tawse

The time of the session has come and entered into Mistress's lair ( which is in reality a nice and spacious flat ) but to me it felt that I'm entering something else, anyway I was greeted with Mistress's usual smile she was calm and boy was I glad to see her , the chat before the session was marvelous, from her tone I sensed that I was getting truly punished this time around, this time around I would start the session completely naked.

The session started with Mistress changing her personalty even her look - she stared at me like she is a carnivore and I was her prey - she ordered me to stand in front of her, too bad I was having an erection but of course Mistress dealt with it on the spot and swiftly by of course slapping my balls till I've got no more erection ( first time ever getting ballbusted even if it was a bit light but to be fair I couldn't take too much ) - then to start my punishment I get a hand tawsing which was really really hard and severe I almost cried intensely and I only received 6 !!! then I was ordered to put my hand on top of my head and mistress led me by my ear to the a corner even in the corner I got no rest being spanked again and again while I'm standing with my hand on top of my head - then mistress dragged me again by the ear to where she sits to get my OTK spanking ( cool thing about Mistress I was never allowed to even walk, I was either dragged by the ear or crawling on all four ) - the OTK spanking was hard but it got severe when she used the hairbrush ( Mistress have a special long hairbrush for her naughtiest boys )

Finishing the OTK spanking my penis dripped a little on Mistress's leg then Mistress screamed ( first time ever I saw Mistress this angry ) at me and I started cleaning ( by tongue of course ) then again dragged me by the ear to the bed room ( last time around I was in Mistress's bed room I got punished the hardest ) this time around it was no different she started of by sitting on my chest while I was laying on my back on the bed room then she had my legs up in a really exposing and embarrassing position then the real pain started - whack after whack by hand and hairbrush ( GOD did that hairbrush hurt !!!! ) then she got off my chest but she kept holding my legs in the air and continued spanking me then she stopped spanking me briefly and let me crawl after her to the side of the bed and I didn't notice mistress's shoe and I knocked one pair of the shoe of course Mistress didn't let this go she screamed at me again ( get here you stupid naughty boy , how can you not see and knock my shoe down ) while of course I was on all four my head between mistress legs getting punished on my bare bottom for a silly mistake , after that Mistress allowed me to worship her perfect feet at this moment I was having the time of my life.

Mistress wouldn't allow a naughty boy like me to have fun while she watches so she ordered me to stop worshiping her feet and I did , then she used a ball gag on me ( strangely enough it was my first time ever being ball gagged ) she said look at yourself ball gagged not knowing what is coming to you. she said to me this gag is to keep me from screaming for what's about to come ( I know it was the tawse , last time I got around 24 lashes an upgrade from the 12 lashes so I thought it would be in that range but then I remembered the ball gag ) anyway she ordered me to lay on my stomach on the bed ( oh I'm starting to hate this bed !! ) then she said she wouldn't start counting until the tawsing and then she gave me 30 ( 3 sets of 10 lashes ) of the best leather strap lashes I was clenching and let out a couple of screams ( unheard because of the ball gag of course ) after all this spanking and punishment and still I haven't reach the true punishment which is the tawsing and there is a story behind the amount of lashes I was getting ( which includes being rude to Mistress on both twitter and what'sapp + asking mistress to send me her location again which added more lashes ) anyway I thought the maximum amount I would get is ( 30 or 36 which is more than what I had last time ) but nooooooo and I got 10 sets each set consisted of 6 lashes ( that is 60 tawse lashes - you couldn't believe the amount of pain I was into - the first time I was really crying in my life and guess what Mistress gave me 2 more lashes for not laying still while she was thrashing my bottom with the tawse ) but then Mistress awarded me and this time it was the grandest most amazing award ( worshiping Mistress divine and perfect ass ) I kissed and worshiped until she ordered my to stop

And again of course Mistress wouldn't allow her naughty boy to continue having a good time ( I mean lets face it I got around a 100 lashes if we combine both leather strap and tawse just after kissing her feet !! ) so now Mistress would cane me ( last time I got 12 and the time before it is was 6 ) this time I bend over the table and Mistress gave me 18 of the best then she ordered me to stand still then grabbed me by the ear to bend me over the sofa arm and gave me another 12 - then another Fast and continuous 6 for not staying in position (total of 36 cane strokes !! ) then she ordered me to stand still ( I genuinely thought she had finished and I was wrong again ) she grabbed me by the ear and said to me ( this is my goodbye gift to you naughty boy , a little thing to remember me by ) took me back to her bed room for a sound OTK hand spanking. This was the last part of my punishment I was never punished so severely in my life almost more than triple the amount of lashes and strokes from every punishing tool that Mistress had that was delivered with a good amount of force with for a sole reason and that reason is to discipline a naughty boy who was indeed needing to be disciplined , this is not a review this is a story of appreciation from a naughty boy to a wonderful and outstanding Mistress who has good heart by nature but handles naughty boys the way that naughty boys should be handled

as a trademark I shall say it again, Mistress Scarlet The Mistress That Truly Defines The Meaning Of Discipline


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This is what a professional international mistress is all about to keep a sub or slave guessing what is in store is all part of the suspense of a session, my apologies Mistress Scarlet with not sessioning with you in 4 years but I know we will shortly have a judicial session and I know you will not spare me until then keep up the good work

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