John, my longest serving slave

John is my oldest slave, eleven and a half year and counting. I was a new and relatively inexperienced Dominatrix when we first met and we clicked straight away. John loves bondage and I love bondage. John loves electrics and I love electrics. John love torture and I love to torture. John loves to dress in high heels, stockings, corsets and PVC and, guess what, I love to dress in high heels, stockings, corsets and PVC. We feel we have been on a long and exciting journey together over the years, I know he trusts me explicitly, just as I trust him. We play regularly, sometimes once a month, sometimes twice a month, sometimes twice a week. The relationship between a slave and their Mistress is extremely precious and it requires a great deal of mutual respect. Our relationship has that.

This week we played in the suspension room. I put John in the harness and tied his hands to the bar, winching it high so he was up on his toes. The leg spreader was attached to keep his legs fixed wide. The anal hook was inserted, a simple piece of equipment that can have sensational results. I tied the hook tightly up to the top of the bishops mask he was wearing, pulling his head far back. If he tried to move his head he would just be pulling the hook up further into himself. He was strung up like a piece of meat and I had access to all sides. Then the torment, teasing and torture began and he was completely helpless to my actions.

Once I felt he had suffered enough I took him down and put him on his back on the sling. I put the leg spreader on again and tied it to the central winch and took it up high again to ensure his legs were incapable of moving an inch. Then I inserted the inflatable vibrating anal plug, and as I slowly turned it up I watched his body react.

Next I attached the PES eclectics, the Corona Stimulator with focusing pods with the Big Boy Sparkler around the base, my favourite combination for explosive sensational results. Slowly I turned it up, all the time talking softly to my slave, coaxing him to take more for his Mistress. I listened to his breathing change, his body strain against his tightly tied wrists and ankles, his moans stifled by the gag in his mouth. I was in control again.


yourozibitch's picture

for envoking memories of our times together in 2007

Scarlet's picture

Ahh, hello bitch. How are things in Australia? I hope there is good thigh booted Dominatrix keeping you in your place.

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sadly, the use on me is not of the same quality or quantity as it was in Glasgow, but a trip is planned

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This was one of the best sessions I've had with my Mistress
I love going to visit her as every session is different, some times
I have ideas that I suggest and other times I just leave it down
to my mistress
These are usually the best as you don't know what is going to
If any body is reading this and thinking about a session then stop
thinking and do it now as you won't regret it she is the best.
I've been to mistress all over the uk and in America but my Mistress is
The best by far
Just remember if you call and she is busy she is probably in session
With me, sorry but cant stay away
I'm very frustrated at the moment as my mistress is on holiday and
I'm missing her, but she deserves a nice holiday
So when she gets ill probably need to book a longer session to make
Up for the weeks I've missed her
Can't wait for you to get back
Your more than willing slave
John xxx

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