Evil Cock Ring and Thorn Corn

Cameron brought me some new toys, the wonderfully named Evil Cock Ring and Thorn Crown from Fetters. As described by Fetters "This is the evil penis torture device recommended for serious players." and we are most definitely serious players! I spent some time fitting them securely, I even tried the cock ring around his poor balls, and then turning those wicked unforgiving screws to lock them into place.

Rubber Vacuum Bed

My slave was placed in the latex envelope and the vacuum switched on to remove most of the air in the envelope. The vacuum bed is both a bondage and sensation device and my slave is unable to move, only allowing a little wiggling around. Sometimes I use only the breathing tube otherwise I will encase their head in a rubber hood. The sensation of the vacuum bed itself, as well as any light stroking, and quite pleasurable, and my slave said they wished they could of stayed in there all day.