Julie's Punishment

Julie was sent to be punished by her three strict aunts after being caught drinking with the boys. Her undesirable behaviour had to be corrected and the aunts knew exactly how to do that. Julie's bottom was reddened over each of their knees and then severely punished with the various paddles, hairbrushes, a bath brush, the tawse and finally the cane. Needless to say Julie was very very sorry.

Breath Control

Breath Control

Not for the first time, I found myself bound securely to the bench, escape impossible. I craned my neck to look across the dungeon at Mistress Scarlet, my eyes drawn to the black thigh high latex boots adorning her irresistibly long legs.

Double birching

Naughty Kevin had to endure a double birching punishment recently for his unacceptable behaviour. He failed to accept his punishment well and continued to wriggle and plead for mercy until eventually Mistress Savannah had to fetch the gag to keep him quiet until his discipline was complete.